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Corporate Compliance Program

Saferoad believes in fair trade and free competition. We are committed to serving our customers' needs in a predictable and responsive way. Our competitive advantage shall come as a result of our sound and ethical business strategy, in accordance with our values.

To assist Group companies and individual employees to comply with applicable law and business ethics, Saferoad has designed a Corporate Compliance Program that comprises our Code of Conduct and whistleblowing policy, as well as specific manuals for the areas of anti-bribery, competition compliance, data protection, and trade sanctions. Saferoad regularly provides training in specific compliance areas relevant for the employee’s responsibilities and in line with the Group´s risk profile.


Saferoad maintains a strict line against corruption in any shape or form. It is strictly forbidden for any employee or person acting on behalf of the company, to receive, offer, or authorise a gift of money or other valuables with the intention to influence professional duties or retain undue business advantage. The policy is valid in all locations and in all relations. Special caution is advised in relation to public authorities. Saferoad’s use of consultants and agents acting on their behalf is limited, but in such cases, they should adhere to Saferoad’s anti-bribery policy.

Competition Compliance

Competition laws and regulations aim to achieve free and fair competition and prohibits companies from actions restricting competition, including abuse of a dominant position. Saferoad supports the principles stipulated by the TFEU and the EEA Agreement, and aims to comply fully with national and international competition law. The respective managing directors are responsible for each subsidiary’s adherence to Saferoad’s competition compliance policy, and to relevant legislation.

Data Protection

Data protection laws regulate the collection and processing of personal data. Saferoad has developed a manual to ensure that personal data collected by the company are handled correctly and kept safe, in line with relevant national and international legislation. 

Trade sanctions

Trade sanctions and embargoes restrict dealings with specific individuals, entities, and governments, and are usually related to foreign affairs, national security, or human rights objectives. Saferoad aims to comply with trade sanction laws and regulations published by the United Nations, the USA, and the European Union. We have developed a Trade Sanctions Manual, containing specific instructions and action points, as well as updated lists of countries that could present issues, and recommendations with regards to risk-based due diligence.